Thursday, August 28, 2008

My Birthday Card

My Birthday Card
*Created By LH (My dear colleague)*

14th August ~ is my birthday!! I really "HAPPY" and "APPRECIATE" this Birthday Card ... Thks LayHoon. It's really a "Nice and Meaningful" GIFT for my 2008 birthday... =)

Besides this card, on my 2008 birthday - I also received a "GREAT and NICE" Handbag from my Dearest "BiBear" ... Thks!! I have tried to search a working handbag for a long time but in the end, still can't get a preferable handbag ... So, I really glad to receive this present although this handbag is not a "SUPRISE PRESENT" ... because we brought it while shopping togather ... Haha... " THKS A LOT... I LOVE ALL OF THEM"

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Joana said...

gorgeus card love the papers