Friday, March 21, 2008

Sisterhood of Blogging Stamper ~15

Hallo. I'm felice from Malaysia. Nice to Meet you all, it is my pleasure, My Dear Sisters =)

All the way, I have some interest in doing scrapping BUT not really put effort on it. I have been re-introduced "Scrapping & Stamping" by my friend Lay Hoon early this year (2008). She is also a Sisterhood member. I really wish to thanks her for approaching me to visit some Blogs and Challenge Websites to re-built my interest and feeling in "Scrappinng".

I am still a beginner and new learner in "Scrapping & Stamping". I just started blogging just in this month (March 2008). I wish that through blogging and meet friends can enhance my technique and creation of Scrapping and Stamping. I haven't been attend any classes to learn Scrapping. So I really don't have Professional Scrapping technique. Haha... Haha....

I really being impressed by all the different, wonderful, great, fantastic.... creativity card creation from all the friends and Blogger. I wish I can learn and improve my techniques to create all such beautiful, cutety, nice design in my Scrap Garden.

Have A Nice Day!!!

PE Birthday Card

ops... ops... hello there... im the receiver of this cards lo....
come on see this cards... haiyoyo... no name de... charm... how come birthday card also no name de....

keke.. anyways... still hapi to receive it.. coz still is hand maded ma.... :P

Thanks thanks....

come on everybody out there.... support the new learner my frens here.... hahaa....

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

WednesdayStamper: A Pair Of Glasses

-- A Pair of Glasses --

This Title is a challenge given in a ATC artist website ~Wednesday Stamper ~

This ATC Card is my first Scrap Creation once i have been introduced "Scraping" by my friend + collegue (LAY HOON)

-- A Pair of Glasses -- I have started my creating idea with "HISTORY". I have gone though some study regarding the founing of Glasses.